Micca Ditthi about Death in higher realms

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      Yash RS

      Since death is inevitable in any realm, so why do beings in higher realms especially Brahma Realms have this misconception that they are Eternal?

      Don’t they realise that Someone died in their realm?


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      Their deaths are instantaneous. They just disappear without showing old age; they don’t get sick since they don’t have “dense bodies.” That may be a factor.

      Humans with short lifetimes not only see people dying regularly, even after long times of sicknesses and old age. But they still act like they are going to live forever! 

      • Why do old billionaires keep working to make more money? Don’t they have enough? 
      • It is a part of ditthi and sanna vipallasa; they don’t think about THEIR death.
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