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    y not

    Last week while on my cellphone, I had just started saying: ” I kill two….” I could not finish the sentence. In my mind came this image of a stone I had hurled, two dead birds on the ground, and my arm still hanging in the air.

    It was not easy to find other words like ‘tackle two objectives’ ‘deal with both at once’ because the memorized idiom comes in so handy. I found it harder to stop than when I am drawn into a conversation where someone says something nasty about someone and I have to forcefully stop myself from getting involved.

    Metta to all beings

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    Congratulations, y not!

    Looks like you are doing well with Satipatthana (being mindful). Catching oneself even saying a catchphrase is a good indication.

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    Y not,

    Glad to note that you are able to catch before it happens. That is a good sati. You may also look at watching how conditioned things (sankatha) arises and passes away when you think and also reverse the decisions like you did now.

    That will take you deeper into all conditions which is seeing anicca, and anatta which is cause of dukkha and asubha.

    With metta,

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    y not

    Thank you vilas,

    “…able to catch before it happens”

    To ‘catch’, yes, but that is only phase one. It does not mean that it is always succeeded by phase 2, the abandoning, what you term as ‘the reversing’- not at once, anyway.

    Sometimes the sense input or the mental input ( I mean two different things here) may be too enticing to dispel at once, although the awareness of the need to do so is there. When this happens, I may dwell there for a while, or sometimes a while longer, but I am fairly satisfied that even if I allow that, i.e. if I am unable to repel them on their arising, I feel I am making progress.

    The contemplation of asubha I have found to be fundamental here, as it leads to seeing further into the anicca nature, or other aspects of the anicca nature, or these may well be the same aspects viewed as arising from different causes.

    Thank you for the encouragement, vilas

    Much Metta

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