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      Hello everyone! I had always been really skeptical about the experiences people have been posting through meditation until I came across this video a few weeks ago. I highly suggest this free meditation guide for those who wish to manifest their own inner peace.

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      Virus in the link as my anti-virus informed me, do not click the link + this is bot not a person

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      Thanks, Christian. I just deleted the link. I will delete the thread by tomorrow. I have deleted several within the past month.

      I am not sure why someone would want to spread a virus and make life difficult for others. What is the benefit (to him or anyone else)?

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      Certain people are happy when others suffer from indirect mental suffering and bullying they cause or it’s part of stealing computer data (like passwords u have for a bank account or the site may want you to write down some personal information). You explained in one article what potentially happens to people who enjoy causing suffering so hope everybody can learn from that :)

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      Yes. Every action has a reaction.

      That holds not only in physics but in the mental realm too.

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      I like to meditate. It helps to distract from all the problems and reboot the brain

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      Yes. That is true.

      But depending on the type of meditation, results can be temporary or permanent.

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      Dear Lal,
      I need you write a bit more about it:
      “Yes. That is true.
      But depending on the type of meditation, results can be temporary or permanent.”
      Lair ([email protected])

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      Hello Lair,

      Meditation can be at many levels. However, we can just take the two major types.

      1. The commonly used “breath meditation” gives only temporary relief. The calming of the mind does not last long. This is practiced as a “formal meditation”, i.e., one needs to be sitting down and focusing on the breath.

      2. The Buddhist Anapanasati meditation can be done at different levels in different postures.
      – The primary type practiced at all waking moments is to watch for greedy, hateful/angry/ignorant thoughts/actions/speech and to avoid them.
      – At the deepest level, one can do a formal meditation (sitting down in a quiet place). Here one can meditate on Dhamma concepts. For example, one can meditate on the unfruitful nature of attaching to worldly pleasures (anicca, dukkha, anatta nature). But one first needs to understand those concepts.

      The methods in #2 will lead to a permanent reduction of agitation of the mind. But it takes time.

      See, “Bhāvanā (Meditation)”:

      Bhāvanā (Meditation)

      P.S. For some reason, the “formatting feature” is not working. I am unable to link to the page. I will try to figure out why.

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