Meaning of phrase “Sabbeputtanjhana umattaka”

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      I am doing some research for a paper and I came across this phrase “Sabbeputtanjhana umattaka.” According to some translations the meaning attributed is: “all beings are insane or mad.” I have been unable to find the sutta reference for this phrase or individual words other than “sabbe & jhana, but none for the word “sabbeputtan” or derivative “sabbe[uttana” or “umattaka.” I’m tossing this one out here in the Forum to see if there is anyone with some direction for me. Thank you.

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      If the verse is in the Tipitaka it should be, “sabbe pothujjanā ummattakā” meaning, “all average humans are engaged in useless activities like those who are insane”.

      I have heard bhikkhus reciting that verse but I cannot find a sutta with that verse.

      Sabbe = all; pothujjanā = average humans who have not attained at least the Sotapanna Anugami level
      ummattakā = insane/mad (meaning “engaged in unfruitful activities”)

      The verse, “..kāmesu kāmasukhallikānuyogo hīno gammo pothujjaniko anariyo anatthasaṁhito..” is in the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (SN 56.11).

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