Karaniya Metta Sutta – Metta Bhavana

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      Tobias G

      Can someone please post a link to this Sutta at Suttacentral? I cannot find it.

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      @Tobias G : Below are the links for the Karaniya Metta Sutta.

      In pali “Sutta Nipāta 1.8 Mettasutta”

      In English by Laurence Khantipalo Mills “Sutta Nipāta Mettā Sutta 1.8. Loving-kindness”

      With metta, SengKiat

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      Hello Dhamma brothers :)

      I want to ask about #10 verse as the first Lal explains that one can attain Anagami thru Ariya Metta pracitce but once we go lower to the mentioned #10 verse Lal translates it as Sakadagami. Is this mistake or there is something more to this?

      Thank you

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      Tobias G

      I think metta bhāvanā leads to the Anagami stage, therefore it is a mistake in verse 10.

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      The post Christian is referring to: “Karaniya Metta Sutta – Metta Bhavana“.
      – Please always provide a link to the post, if the question is about a post.

      At the end of the #10 verse is, “..Na hi jātug­abba­seyyam punaretī”ti.

      “gabba” is womb. So, this part of the verse is: “will not again have a birth involving a womb”.

      All the realms above the human realm involve ONLY instantaneous (opapatika) births. This includes the deva realms and the brahma realms. None of those births require a mother’s womb.

      When one attains the Sakadagami stage, one will never be reborn in a realm below the deva realms. Of course Anagamis will only be born in the brahma realms reserved for them, and Arahants will not be reborn in any realms in this world.
      – Thus all Ariyas at and above the Sakadagami stage would qualify. I slightly re-worded the translation to emphasize this point.

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      I was thinking exactly the same way Lal but just wanted to mention it as people who are new can find it contradicting :)

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