Is sukha/dukha vedana an arammana?

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      What I understand is that 

      1. Sukha/dukha vedana(pleasant/unpleasant bodily feeling) is caused by past kamma, so sukha/dukha vedana is arammana.
      2. However, we attach to sukha/dukha vedana because of the anusaya, samyojana
      3. And, it goes through samphassa-ja-vedana to somanassa/domanassa vedana
      4. So, sukha/dukha/adukhamasukha vedana occurs due to past kamma, before distorted  sanna occurs. 
      5. Somanassa/domanassa/upekkha vedana occurs after distorted sanna.

      Is my understanding correct?

      If there is an error in my understanding, please point it out.

      (Also, I am using a translator because I am still not good at English. So please understand that my sentence may be awkward.)

      Thanks. With mettā _()_

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      Your questions are clear.

      1. Arammana means any sensory input. 

      • But sukha/dukha vedana (pleasant/unpleasant bodily feeling) are produced only by sensory inputs to the physical body (kayika vedana). 
      • All other arammana (sensory inputs) initially produce only “neutral” (adukkhamasukha) vedana.
      • All arammana (sensory inputs) come in because we have a human body. For example, when you are walking down a street, you are exposed to arammana (sensory inputs) common to all others there.  But some strong sukha/dukha vedana (like a serious injury) can be due to specific past kamma
      • Most arammana (sensory inputs) come in because we have a human body.

      The other statements are correct.

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        Thanks, Lal. 

        With your answer, my understanding has become clearer.

        Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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