Is Buddha pickpocketing our watches, then selling them to us?

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      From 27:50 to 30:35, then
      32:30 – 36:50,
      44:50 – 46:00,
      and 51:30 – 54:05.

      Something to ponder, if nothing else.

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      This is just a rant by what I call a “philosopher” (someone who is speculating about the nature of this world).

      They say or write things that sound good, but do not have any substance. If someone can extract a single thing of substance that is conducive to “cooling down of the mind” and really significant (and is contradictory to what I discuss at the website), I will be happy to discuss that.

      My advice to Eric (and anyone else interested) is to just stop listening these rants for a FEW MONTHS and just focus on Pure Dhamma: Stay away from dasa akusala as much as possible and read posts in sections that you understand, read the links to other sections given there, and so on. Those two things help each other; just doing one is not enough.

      Once you see a hook (a point that makes sense), just go deeper from there. Ask questions if something is not clear. But don’t ask questions about the Arahant or Anagami stages yet, if you don’t think you are a Sotapanna. That is because it is hard to comprehend such deeper mindsets for a normal human. Can someone comprehend calculus without understanding how to do basic math?

      I know some people get upset when I say these things. But I am saying it out of compassion. In order to make progress, one first needs to do an honest self-assessment and decide where one is on the Path. Just because one may have spent years and years reading essentially irrelevant things such as philosophy or even labelled as Buddha Dhamma does not mean much. Sooner one realizes that, the better off one would be. However, ultimately it is up to each individual to decide the path for oneself. These are just my suggestions.

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      Thank you for your forthright response, in not pulling any punches. =)

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