Is Avalokiteshvara the avatar of Brahma Sahampati?

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      One of my freind guessed like “The prototype of Avalokitesvara would be Brahma Sahampati’s Avatar”.

      I was very interested in this and searched the Pāli dictionary.

      As a result, I made the following assumptions.

      [Sahampati = Savana + pāti]

      Savana means hearing, and pāti means watching.

      It has similar meaning to the original Sanskrit form, Avalokitasvara, “who looked down upon sound”.

      I was surprised.

      A lot of legend in Mahayana culture is explained if this guess is true.

      In Korea, where I live, A LOT OF PEOPLE say that they received the help of the Avalokitesvara chanting.

      In the past, I didn’t believe it.

      But it’s understandable if Brahma Sahampati helped the people.

      Is this assumption appropriate?

      If someone know any evidence related to this, please write it please.

      I want many Mahayana Buddhists to enjoy the benefits of Real Dhamma.

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      I am not sure about the meaning of the word “Sahampati.”

      However, Brahma Sahampati is an Anagami. He became an Anagami in a previous Buddha Sasana.

      • But he visited Buddha Gotama several times, and had conversations with him. The first time was just after the Buddha attained the Buddhahood.
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