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      I set up a Twitter account for the website: puredhamma@puredhamma1

      I will Tweet every time a new post is published. Just Tweeted the recent post of March 21.

      Furthermore, I also installed an app (“Tweet This!”) that would allow any reader to Tweet any post.
      – Just select the title of the post (or part of the text in the post) and the “Tweet This!” balloon will appear.

      Please let me know if you run into any issues. I have not tweeted before, and hope it would work.

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      I found this annoying. Everything we highlight on this site causes the balloon to pop up. Also seems like a redundant feature since on the bottom of every post there are buttons to share to other sites (including Twitter).

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      Yes. I can see that. Thank you!

      I uninstalled the “Tweet This!” app.

      – Yes. One can always use the “share” buttons at the bottom of each page to share.

      But I will Tweet each new post.

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