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      I’m often worried about the initial thought or gut reaction if I see someone successful and feeling envy about it. Not to the extent that I hate that person and try to bring that person down. But the internal monologue isn’t that good. What I did to prevent that is I build up some logical reasoning like that person might have worked hard to that place and Dwelling and hate is not going to work. That stimulus of thought helped me up to some extent to stop me going down that thought process of envy. But still, the initial thought is there. Is it fading over time? Is there a fundamental way to remove that initial thought from the teachings of the buddha.

      same with the fear of failing to ask questions in the class, thinking that will I look like a stupid in front of everyone.

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      Yes. These are common issues for many people.

      I just wrote a lengthy explanation for related issues on a different topic: “Mediumship is it real?

      It may seem that it is a different topic. But the second question he asked was on the current topic. So, please read my comment at July 18, 2020, at 5:07 pm.

      Most of the problems that we face are of our own making.
      – It is hard to believe, but all these problems go away when we work on purifying the mind.

      Here are two posts that I wrote several years ago that address this issue from a different perspective: “Foundation of Dhamma” and “The Importance of Purifying the Mind

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