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      Theruwan Saranayi 🙏

      We have had Dhamma talk at the Zoom with Ven. Deegoda Dhammadassi Thero(disciple of Waharaka Thero) from the 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in Sri Lankan time.

      I would like to inform you of this because it is very rare to have a Dhamma discussion with Thero in the Waharaka Temple in English.


      ☸️ The order of the Dhamma discussion


      1. If someone wants to ask a question about Buddha Dhamma, one sends their message to the Group chat room.

      (※ It is also able to ask a question to Thero directly)


      2. Dileepa, the host of the Zoom meeting, sends the Zoom Link to the Chat room every Thursday.

      3. When you access to the zoom link at the 5:30 PM in Sri Lankan time, discussion would be started after the chanting.

      (※ Lay people don’t need to turn on the Camera. So feel free to participate.)


      4. If you need to ask something during the meeting, you can send a message to the Zoom chat.

      If there is no spare time to answer, the question will be answered next week by the Thero.

      5. The Dhamma discussion will be held for about two hours. After the session, Thero will make an Anumodana before the end of the Meeting.

      6. The recorded file will be uploaded to Google Drive within approximately one day. So you can review the session repeatably, even if your English skills are not good.


      Link(Google Drive)


      ※ If there is a question you think like ‘it is trivial’ or ‘it is a shame to ask because it is an unimportant thing’ etc., do not hesitate, please feel free to ask Thero. He will answer it based on the Tipitaka. 

      Thanks to his answer, I learned that I had a narrow point of view about asking a question and that I had thought the question was unimportant or trivial. This is no longer the case now, and I feel free to ask questions.
      So please send any questions to Thero if you have any. It would also be helpful to others who participate in the discussion to understand Dhamma, which is also a great meritorious deed.

      ☸️ How to enter the Discussion?


      1. Please install the WhatsApp Messenger.

      There are download link below.

      (Web version)

      (Google Play Store)

      (Apple Store)

      2. Please request to invite to the Group chat


      If you want to be invited, you can request to the Ven. Dhammadassi Thero on the WhatsApp.

      His number: +94 76 983 5817

      ※ If you are unwilling to request him or unused to WhatsApp, feel free to ask me in the Email below. I will help you if I can.

      Email address: [email protected] 

      Please do not miss this rare opportunity.

      May all beings, including myself, achieve the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana 🙏


      ※ If you hesitate to attend the Discussion, you can listen to the recording of the last lesson.

      1. Dhamma in English (attend in every Thursday)

      2. Abhaya Arana English Dhamma Discussions by Ven. Deegoda Dhammadassi Thero

      3. The Youtube Channel uploading Meditation session with Ven. Dhammadassi Thero

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      Sammasambodhi Gami

      Excellent. Thank you so much for sharing. 

      Sadu Sadu Sadu 🙏🙏🙏


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