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      One of the questions that came to my mind sometime back, but as this is not related to the path, and nothing important, it’s something I was curious about.
      We’ve all done it, downloading pirated material, there are plenty of copy right, laws protecting data. Downloading educational material, software’s, etc, but habitually we might be tempted to find a free copy, torrents,etc.
      It might be very hard to draw the line. Because for e.g. somebody might genuinely pay and download, and share it for the community.

      Would be interested to know your thoughts?

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      y not

      Hello Kakayanamittal;

      I hardly ever download at all, pirated or otherwise. But you rang a bell.

      Watching streamed events. I am aware that all this is stolen by the stream site administrators. It is like stealing apples then making them available to whoever wants to help him/herself. But would they carry on if they knew nobody is accessing the streams? No. So at the very least I am participating, giving occasion or cause for the ‘crime’ to arise,even.

      I never thought much of it because it is all there available for access, and it is not that one is actually stealing something when accessing the stream. However, some feeling of wrong-doing is there as far as I am concerned.

      y not

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      Related: earlier I deleted hundreds of GB of pirated material (movies, music, PDFs, a quarter-million image files…) that I spent over 15 years accruing and meticulously organizing while thinking/saying that I’m transferring the merit of these good deeds to all beings. Hopefully it wasn’t a waste; I began because I was getting scared after reading about niraya and realizing how many nasty thoughts I’ve had throughout my life, and mostly just felt a burning-up in my face while doing so and for a good while afterwards. Sorry if I sound self-aggrandizing; I’m definitely not a sotapanna, not even close.

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