Hello and please accept my gratitute for Pure Dhamma

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      Hello there ! :)

      I’m new to the forum.
      I just wanted to say hello and that I’m reading lately around 10-15 articles of “Pure Dhamma” per day and is has changed my life and my practice for the better a lot. Right understanding of anicca and anatta and many other things worked wonders for me, I’m much more happy person :) It is amazing how much my meditations and my life became more serene and deep.

      I want to express my great gratitute towards your work Lal (and to your teacher Waharaka Thero), you’re truly a great dhamma scholar (greatest I’ve found so far), and your writings are a great gift to the world! :) Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu! :)

      I’m still reading more and more posts, I’ll ask a few questions when I’ll read most of them, if I won’t find all the answers already.

      I’m a lay meditation teacher and dhamma scholar (doing Ph.D in philosophy focusing on buddhist meditation) from Poland. I’m already spreading and promoting your work in my meditation circles. :) Your writings are helping me also in my scholarly work tremendously… my meditation students also already feel good effects of your teachings.

      Just know that your work is already changing lives for the better, and will probably change much more of them in the future :)

      With mega metta,

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      Hello Invo,

      Welcome to the forum!

      Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to having fruitful discussions.

      With metta, Lal

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      Great to hear back from you Lal! :)
      I’m going to read a little bit more of your site, and then I’ll happily engage in some discussions.
      I have some nice referrences because I spent a lot of time studying techniques of different meditation teachers associated with theravada, so I hope that my input could perhaps inspire you is some way.

      But first I want to learn more from your site, because I don’t want to ask questions or propose solutions about things that could be already answered on your site :)

      With metta

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      If you want you can join our group which is related to pure dhamma but also to other pure dhammic teachers https://discord.gg/s6PMz7w you will find some people from your country too. :)

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      Hey Christian :)

      Thank you for invitation, I accepted and joined your group :)

      It is nice to stay in touch with people who practice deeper dhamma and believe in and actually pursuit and live accordingly to its values.

      With metta :)

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