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      There is anecdotal evidence that patients after having received a heart transplant experienced cravings and/or memories from the donor. How does this fit with the Hadaya Vathu? If the Hadaya Vathu is the seat of the mind, how can a single organ retain memories even after being implanted in another body?

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      Hello Brett,

      Yes. I have read those accounts too.

      However, “hadaya vatthu” is not the same as the hadaya or heart.

      The heart is part of the physical body. Hadaya vatthu is part of the mental body (gandhabba).
      – While the mental body is staying with the physical body, hadaya vatthu OVERLAPS the heart.

      However, sometimes the mental body separates from the physical body even while the person is living, as in the cases of Near-Death Experiences (NDE).
      – In such cases, hadaya vatthu comes out of the physical body, as part of the gandhabba.

      Still, the mental body and the physical body can affect each other to some extent. The anecdotal evidence of some such effects is what you mentioned.

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      Hello Lal,

      I understood that correctly already but in these cases, the recipient’s experiences are happening long after the donor’s death so the donor being dead, his adaya vatthu as part of his gandhabba would be long gone to its new reality so how his physical heart, now within the body of the recipient, could be influencing the hadaya vatthu of the latter?

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      Yes. But as I mentioned, the donor’s heart would have been influenced by his gati (character/habits).
      – So, even after the donor is dead, some of his “old habits” could stay with his heart (through DNA).

      Now, when that heart is transplanted into the recipient’s body, that heart COULD influence the recipient’s gati.

      That is essentially what happens when a baby acquires SOME of the mother’s gati and SOME of the father’s gati since the baby’s DNA is influenced by both.
      – However, the influence in the case of heart donors would be WEAKER.

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        Ok, makes sense, the DNA carries accumulated information up to the point of death then some of it would still be present and influence the recipient.

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