Good desana & chants for download?

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      I’m hoping to load my phone with hundreds of hours of listening material. This would mostly be for the purpose of calming myself in lieu of artificially stimming myself with loud, catchy, sometimes aggressive music like I’ve been doing for most not-at-work waking moments for the past few months — and to $ave myself from spending $30-60 on albums every paycheck. :)

      Even if I don’t truly grasp the messages (except intellectually/academically), I figure it’s better to have something “noble” for my background-attention to work with while focusing on daily tasks instead of the other extreme of no music/etc at all, which would let my brain run hog-wild in its default negative & angry state (or at least not have memories of aforementioned catchy tunes playing and aggravating me in the middle of things); the following webcomic describes my mind perfectly:

      Anyway, so far I’ve listened to all I could find from Lal probably several times each and a few chants also. I know if I Google more I’d most likely just find a bunch of Mahāyāna fluff alongside Fake Buddha Quotes. What pure dhamma would you all recommend?

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      Some can be found here:
      Buddhist Chanting

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      Thank you :)

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