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      If one were to “girdle” the “phloem cells” (patthana) of the “what” in the mind (imasmim sati idam hoti) for seven days with the comprehension of Tilakkhana, would one achieve Arahanthood?

      Bohoma stūtiyi!

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      As explained in that post, “Patthana Dhamma – Connection to Cause and Effect (Hetu Phala)“, a tree will die if the transportation of nutrients is cut-off by girdling.

      In the same way, the samsaric process is stopped by cutting off the “nutrients” that feed it.

      This can be stated in many different ways: removing lobha, dosa, moha is at the root; that will automatically remove the other 3 root causes of alobha, adosa, amoha; see, “Six Root Causes – Loka Samudaya (Arising of Suffering) and Loka Nirodhaya (Nibbana)“.

      Removal of dasa samyojana, 12 types of akusala citta, 7 types of anusaya, or 4 types of asava gets to the same result: “Conditions for the Four Stages of Nibbana“.

      Comprehension of Tilakkhana will lead to that final result of permanent release from suffering, Nibbana. All above will be completed.

      Furthermore, Satipatthana/Anapanasati is the way to get there, once Tilakkhana are comprehended.
      – Of course, one must get rid of the 10 types of micca ditthi, before being able to comprehend Tilakkhana.

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      Bohoma stūtiyi Lal, for the concise Nibbana prescription!

      Much metta!

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