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      y not

      Is anyone familiar with (the core teachings of) this site? I met some monks this morning and the translator
      (a female) referred me to the site in caption.

      (Wikipedia: It operates as a television channel based, as I understand, in the U.S ..hence Global Buddhist Network US.)

      The monks come from Thailand, and these particular ones recently flew in from Rome. The only official ‘Buddhist’ organization on the Island is a small Vajrayana community (black robes)

      I tried listening in to some videos with English subtitles. The discourse I watched was heavily punctuated by
      interjections from the audience, somewhat like, not to say much like, an American talk show…bordering on the humorous (!)

      Any guidance?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Sorry. I am not familiar with the website. If you can send me ([email protected]) a link to a selected post with English subtitles, I can post it.

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      y not

      You had better not post the link, Lal. That is why I did not bother sending it to you. The Buddha’s
      Community is not a humorous institution . . . that was the first thought that occurred to me and making
      that accessible here, of all sites..

      Those who are just curious can simply google it.

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