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      Sotapanna anugami

      I need to clarify that
      -Did bhikkhus ate only one meal a day before noon? For me also one meal a day works well with some fruits in the morning. My meal is also kind of fixed, there is no wandering for taste of different food. But on some days i used to feel hungry in the evening, should i eat in the evening? I am concerned that what would a bhikkhu do if he felt hungry in later part of the day despite eating a meal?

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      There is no need to follow “rules” especially if one is not a bhikkhu.
      – The main point is one needs to eat when one is hungry.
      – As one cultivates the path, one will automatically lose CRAVING for food (or any other sensory pleasures.)
      – But you already seem to be there!

      It would be a good idea to read the recent post, “Vinaya Piṭaka – More Than Disciplinary Rules

      The following is from that post:

      4. For many years after the Buddha’s Enlightenment, there were no disciplinary rules for the bhikkhus. Those who ordained as bhikkhus in those early years had fulfilled most of their “pāramitā” and did not need much clarification of dhamma concepts. They also were ‘self-disciplined,” and it was not necessary to impose rules.

      – Most Vinaya rules were set up to handle particular situations where one or more bhikkhus had done things that were not appropriate. The Vinaya Piṭaka provides background accounts for many such cases. Such accounts provide insights into dhamma concepts as well as providing reasons for enacting such rules.
      – For example, there was no rule for the bhikkhus to abstain from eating after Noon. There were few other reasons to impose that rule, but one reason was to discipline those who started wearing robes to “live an easy life.” That rule was enacted probably after 20 years or so, and by that time, most people had become faithful followers of the Buddha. They held bhikkhus in high regard and took care of all their needs.
      – There is an account in the Vinaya Piṭaka for another reason for that rule. One bhikkhu went for an alms-collection after dark, and a woman had thrown dirty water from a cooking pot at the bhikkhu because she could not see him.

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