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      Honestly, After contemplating on dhamma for while now,
      I feel that I need to renunciate everything and just learn and practice dhamma for benefit of self and others.

      everyday life and its pleasures feels very terrible and pale in comparison to permanent eradication of future suffering. especially, when there is no essence in anything. since, time infinite we have done so many sankhara to achieve all sort of sankhata. we have never been able to keep anything to our liking despite it all. we liked those sankhata yet, separated from it always. we have build castles in air for time infinite.

      At some point all of us, were wheel turning monarchs, highest level brahma, richest person in world, actors, powerful politicians, extremely poor person, scientist, born in all sort of realms, all sorts of family etc.

      yet, nothing is with us right now. our pleasures have never fulfilled us, while, we have gone through much separation from liked and meeting Unliked.

      I know Lal, that you have emphasized importance of having short term goal, yet, viparinama dukkha prevails everywhere.

      death, illness can come anytime.

      we don’t even have jati and/or bhava to our own liking. (In long term)

      it is all so essence less and yet I have family to take care of.
      I have responsibility towards my parents and younger siblings.

      but, I have hard time doing all this.

      People all around have view and perception that world is wonderful place,
      they have view of world as sukkha, nicca and atta.
      they think if we only could work little harder, we might have some sort of supposedly long lasting happiness.

      They don’t even acknowledge that we all have constantly hanging sword over our neck in form of sudden illness and death In this very human life itself. Let alone contemplating the consequence of rebirth process.

      after contemplating dhamma,
      I don’t understand how people can not understand something so simple (Tialakkhana) and renunciate what causes/has-caused us so much suffering and what will cause us/them much suffering in future as well.

      It still feels very strange, that other thinks of world as having any nicca, sukkha, atta at all.
      even though I myself was such a person as well, not too long ago. (having ditthi like puthujjano)

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      Thank you! You have summarized the anicca, dukkha, and anatta nature well.

      But keep contemplating the suffering endured by all living beings. That is the true Metta Bhavana and that will make your mind calmer.
      – I had similar feelings in the early days too. I was quite frustrated that my friends could not see the “danger”. But, then I realized I had also not realized that during all this time in the rebirth process.

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