experiencing Nibbana

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      This refers to the post : https://puredhamma.net/sutta-interpretations/tapussa-sutta-akuppa-cetovimutti/

      I thought it is best to ask these questions here in the Nibbana section because the question is about Nibbana and not really on the subject of the post.

      In this post it is said:
      -“It is important to note that saññāvedayitanirodha cannot be attained via anāriya jhāna. This is Nibbāna experienced by a living Arahant”.

      Does one have to be in that special state sannavedayitaniroda to experience Nibbana?

      I thought, all arhants have realised the destruction of lobha, dosa and moha, and that is called Nibbana.

      Is there a difference between experiencing Nibbana and realising Nibbana?


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