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      Yash RS

      Is there any method of exorcism told by Buddha? My mother has been suffering from a spirit(preta)possession for a long time. What happens to her is when the preta “arrives” on her body she starts yawning very badly, so badly that tears start to come from her eyes and she becomes extremely tired, the body becomes extremely lethargic that she starts to lose consciousness. It may seem that she may be suffering from a disease or a psychiatric issue but that’s not true at all, her mind condition is perfect and she is happy and positive all the times, it’s only when the preta “arrives” that she experiences negative thoughts (to die, to kill everyone,etc.) And those thoughts are very powerful, she just has the will power or some punna kamma vipaka that she is able to control her hands that are willing to make her die by strangulation (of course, the preta wants her and all of us to die!). It’s guaranteed ( how we know this is a long story, and we also know the person who did it) that’s it’s a “black magic” and of all the Well Known Exorcists we met none of them could solve the problem ( and told that this “thing” is the most powerful they have ever encountered). The maximum time the preta didn’t come was 1 month(after exorcism), but after that the incidents started to repeat.
      This has severly affected our economical conditions too. So is there any way that this can be solved?

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      I have heard about a few cases like the one you describe. I just revised an old post that is relevant to this issue:
      What Does Buddha Dhamma Say about Creator, Satan, Angels, and Demons?

      Read through to the end. Feel free to ask questions.

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      Yash RS

      Dear Lal,
      In the link you said
      “There is an exception though. Sometimes a kamma vipāka can allow one to be influenced by a “malevolent being” even if one is living a moral life.”
      That’s exactly what has happened!
      “In such a case, it is a good idea to make offerings to the bhikkhus as well as to those who are in need and ask any such beings to accept the merits. The cultivation of Metta Bhāvanā is another.”
      The thing is that my mother does Provide milk to the street dogs almost every day. Also, the preta “arrives ” but doesn’t say anything, just troubles her and leaves. So how can we ask “it”to accept the merits? This issue has been prevalent since 20 years, her age is 40. This all happened after my parents’ marriage. Initially it damaged my father’s economical conditions and the “arrival” of the preta has been seen in the recent years(around 3 years).
      Is there something which can be done? It will be extremely grateful.
      Regards, Yash

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      Hello Yash,

      1. The merits of giving depend on “to whom you give” too. Thus, giving to bhikkhus in much more meritorious than giving to dogs. But, of course, that does not mean “not give to a specific person/animal” either. You should give as the occasions present.

      2. You asked: “So how can we ask “it” to accept the merits?”
      You make that determination while giving AND after giving. What matters is your mindset (in this case, your mother’s).
      – See, “Transfer of Merits (Pattidāna) – How Does it Happen?

      3. You wrote, “This all happened after my parents’ marriage.”
      That is interesting. I wonder whether this “being” could be a diseased old boyfriend of your mother. I have absolutely no idea. But if something did happen to such a person it COULD be the cause.

      4. While I can give some ideas, you should seek professional help. I know that you said you have.
      – But have you taken her to a good hypnotist? A good hypnotist may be able to get her to recall a past incident (such as #3) that is triggering this.

      5. Of course, following the path of the Buddha is the ultimate solution. No other being will be able to bother a mind that is free of lobha, dosa, and moha.
      – Such effects just gradually increase as one cultivates the path.
      – You may also want to read the section on “Buddhist Chanting
      – Chanting is a common practice in many Asian Buddhist cultures based on the belief that it can keep “undesired beings” away. But you may want to do that gradually. Sometimes the “intruder” may become agitated and may take drastic actions.

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      Yash RS

      Thanks Lal for your efforts,
      But also she never had a boyfriend, but no problem we’ll see what can be done. Thank you.

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      You are welcome, Yash.
      – Please keep us posted. We will do whatever we can to help.

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      Try sutta chanting, if there is any bad spirit it will go away 100% instantly.

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      Greetings! Yash RS,

      You may want to try Ratana Sutta chanting.

      The background story for the Ratana Sutta is that the town of Vesali (or Visala) was being plagued by disease, non-human beings and famine; in despair, the townspeople called upon the Buddha for aid; he had the Ven. Ānanda go through town reciting this discourse leading to the dispersal of the town’s woes.

      Below is the Ratana Sutta Chanting video:
      Powerful Ratana Sutta Chanting for 7 Times

      Book explaining the Ratana Sutta : Ratana Sutta – The Three Superb Jewels – Bhikkhu Nyanadassana.pdf

      With mettā, Seng Kiat

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        Yash RS

        Thanks,SengKiat 🙏

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      Yash RS

      The problem still persists.
      I tried sutta chanting but that helped temporarily, that preta used to go instantly, but would return after a day or so. We went to an exorcist and he helped a lot in the starting, it was for the first time the preta spoke, and he(exorcist) did all the necessary things and we were cured(Nov 1st week). But after we went to our relative’s wedding that person (the black magic one) was there too (Nov 29).Those problems arose again, we talked with exorcist,he told that he has sent that preta again(he even told that who the person was after asking several times making our suspicion true). Time passed and today we realised that the tone of the exorcist was not right and was greedy( we had to spend a lot of money for this). So we have decided to stop going there too.
      Now can anyone tell me what should I do?
      I tried contacting Abhaya thero, but i messaged him twice, he didn’t reply (on Nov 29 and Dec 12). We were talking about selling our home today, because we couldn’t find any way because he told that something is in our home too ( and we have felt some presence before ).
      Please help

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      I reread the thread to get an idea of the problem. The following are my observations.

      1. Your suspicions about the “black magic person” may be correct. I have heard of such instances in Sri Lanka. Abhaya Thero could be helpful if you could contact him. I will see if any of my contacts know how to contact him. He used to investigate such cases in Sri Lanka before becoming a bhikkhu. The following is one of his several videos on youtube.

      2. Normally, such a “black magic person” can be attracted to a particular person, a place that he/she liked, or a combination of such factors. They cannot exert influence on people with strong willpower. It is possible that either she is the only “target” or the one with the least willpower among you.
      – Does she practice Buddha Dhamma? If one is fully engaged in following Buddha Dhamma, it is less likely that such “black magic persons” can influence that person. Just reciting suttas is not enough. But combining those two will have a stronger effect.
      – If you or an exorcist can talk to the “black magic person,” you can ask what it wants. Sometimes their wish can be fulfilled by making an offering to Bhikkhus, as I have seen in some videos by Abhaya Thero. In those videos (as in the above video), Abhaya Thero talked to the “black magic person” through the patient (i.e., your mother in this case.) When the patient is “possessed” by the “black magic person,” the words are that of the “black magic person.”
      – By the way, to “take possession” of a patient’s body, either the patient must be willing, or the patient does not have enough willpower to resist.

      3. Moving to a new house may or may not help. Since the “black magic person” came to the relative’s wedding, she seems to be followed, and the attraction is mostly to her, not the house. But I am not sure. It may help.

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      Yash RS

      Thanks Lal, what I meant by the black magic person is the one who is sending the preta. That person’s thought comes in my mother’s dream, she sees that he is trying to attract her to him. That’s the reason. He is lustfully attached to my mother. That’s why he did this so that my father becomes poor and eventually die( there have been instances of extreme home conflicts almost everyday and even times when my parents had a thought to seperate) and then he can keep my mother with him(since he is my mother’s sister’s husband), this was his main intention, but we came to know about that(this instance of getting to know this is again a different and mind boggling story, something possessed my father, claimed to be our ancestor and told this in 2018)
      My childhood has been completely destroyed because of such things, my father was just suffering to pay all the debts. But somehow we managed to stay alive and come to this point. That person looks like he’s the most generous, calmest and nicest person in the world, yet this is his mindset!
      My mother listens to dhamma i teach her yet there are times when the preta possesses her during the dhamma discussion and she can’t understand what I tell her.
      I have Abhaya thero number, got it from a website, but it says it’s switched off whenever I dial.

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      “what I meant by the black magic person is the one who is sending the preta.”

      I think you may have the wrong picture.
      – But let me get the facts straight first. Are there two persons/beings involved in “possessing” your mother?

      1. One is your mother’s sister’s husband, and the other is a “preta”?
      2. Is your mother’s sister’s husband still alive? If so, does he have the power to send a “preta” to your mother? How?

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      Yash RS

      My mother’s sister’s husband is alive. He is sending a preta with help of a person who practices black magic

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      Yash RS

      That persons intention is to have my mother and if that’s not possible then either torture her or kill her

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      I am afraid I cannot help. If I can find a contact for Abhaya Thero, I will email you at the address I have for you (forum registration.)

      Some cases like this could be “not real” in the sense it is “made up” by the person’s mind, even though the person may truly believe it to be true.
      – Of course, I don’t know enough to say about your mother’s situation. I am not an expert on these issues.

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      Yash RS

      Thanks Lal, I will be grateful of you. But can a person with jhanas help in such case?. If yes, then if you have contact of any such person please ask them if they can help.

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      Yash RS

      “Some cases like this could be “not real” in the sense it is “made up” by the person’s mind, even though the person may truly believe it to be true.” That exorcist i talked about,told the same thing even though we had told him nothing before. And as i mentioned “something possessed my father, claimed to be our ancestor and told this in 2018)” my mother talked to that person on the phone about what’s happening to her and why do you appear in her dreams trying to attract her, i was with her, and for the first time i came to see his real side, he said ” no matter what you sacrifice, a hen or a goat, no one can harm me”
      We were shocked as to what he just said. So yes that’s not mind made.

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