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      Hello everyone! / Theruwan Saranai

      We are very fortunate. Please allow me to share some english resources for pure Buddha Dhamma for the benefit of those who are looking for them. These resources are all based on the teachings of the Venerable Waharaka Abhyaratanalankara Thēro. Of course this website and Lal’s excellent desanas are more than sufficient, yet I have found it helpful to listen to the Dhamma over reading it and also having it explained in a slightly different tone. I will suggest some discourses especially for newcomers as I think it is most beneficial for them to actually hear the Dhamma being expounded:

      1) Venerable Wallasmulle Abhaya Thēro.
      He teaches basic anicca understanding in these videos:
      How to attain the Sotāpanna Stage – [Edgware, London]
      Absolute Happiness [English Discussion] – [Reading, England]

      He also teaches dhyana/jhana via kammathana to people who are sotapanna. Most of his videos are in Sinhala but HERE you can find a playlist for his english discussions.

      2) Dharmayai Obai Monastery
      The Venerabe Battaramulle Amadassana Thēro has many english sermons. He is quite clear and sometimes stern in his expositions and stirs one up to honestly reflect.
      I recommend this one (which is a children’s sermon) for getting started as it explains many basics like: What is a Buddha and why do we need him and: What is this path?
      At this link you can find a youtube playlist of all the english sermons (94 at the time of writing). These are long sermons so one may for example dedicate a free afternoon or split them up (which I do).

      Also this PDF from Dharmayai Obai gives an introduction into many basic concepts.

      3) Recently via students of the Venerable Wallasmulle Abhaya Thēro I happened to find out about another (Lay Person) giving Desanas. There are 8 desanas to be found here on youtube (it’s a playlist). He discusses various topics. I have so far listened to two of his desanas which were very good. He mentions his experience with Lal’s puredhamma.net site and also had some relations with Dharmayai Obai monastery.

      Overall these resources are very comprehensive and I think it offers a very good support for those who like listening to audio (during their commutes or when going for a walk or in the evening when reading on the computer might be strenuous (of course there is the PDF/mobi version of this website and one could read on an e-reader). For all who are not aware there are many desanas on the puredhamma website as well. Following are those I know of:
      Three Marks of Existence – English Discourses
      In this overview of the Living Dhamma section you can find desanas highlighted in blue.

      I hope that these resources are helpful.
      May you all attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana. With Metta

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      Hi Lukas,

      Many thanks for sharing these priceless information. I myself have been listening to Venerabe Battaramulle Amadassana Thēro’s english sermons and benefitted much from them. All I can say is his sermons are very though-provoking and eye-opening! It’s indeed very fortunate to have such a venerable around in this modern age.

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