Do other spiritualities constitute worldly attachments?

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      Hi guys,

      My interest in Buddhism is rekindling due to me ‘procrastinating’ from my usual spiritual practice – as a Pagan.

      Paganism, or at least the Neo – Pagan path I follow, Druidry, includes connection with the world around, namely via the senses and four elements.

      This blog is capturing my interest, and rekindling my desire to perhaps pursue Buddhism more seriously again, but alongside my current beliefs and practice.

      But, would the ‘earthly’ nature of Paganism constitute a package of attachments that would hold me back?

      Secondly, I wonder what my ‘karmic’ balance would look like for future incarnations if I went ahead, practised Dharma as prescribed, but also allowed the ‘attachments’ of sensory experience and earth veneration (and veneration of various God) to continue.

      (My second question is a little light-hearted. I’m well aware that having a ‘taste’ of Nibbana could lead to me giving up any remaining fetters!!)

      Looking forward to your replies, with blessings,

      Rhys x

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      Could you describe to us briefly what is involved in the practice of Druidry?

      I am not very familiar with even paganism, but I understand Druidry is a version of it? I took a quick look and there does not seem to be much information on the web.

      What do you do to practice? I see that it involves “living in harmony with Nature”. Is it close to Amish practices?

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