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      Yash RS

      I currently live in the capital of Delhi and the air quality has gone completely worst, the aqi is 499++ out of 500 and people are still bursting crackers as it is a part of Hinduism and Diwali and this practice should not be abandoned or questioned otherwise you are Anti-hindu and Anti-National( this is what the central government and the media preaches as they all spread the Hinduism propaganda )!!

      In the name of religion and enjoyment all these people, even after knowing it is so harmful, are still doing it.

      They are literally wearing masks and bursting crackers and blame on other factors for pollution cause.

      I don’t understand why are people like this?

      Don’t they have enough sense of what they are doing? So many children and old aged people are going to die in a few days!!

      They are destroying the nature in the name of religion and enjoyment.

      These all people are accumulating debt as they are destroying the nature and enjoying out of it.

      I just wanted to share this experience as it happens every year and now it has gone out of hand.

      Sometimes I get so much annoyed out of such things but still my minds rejects most of that “annoying state”.

      But this is what puthujanas do, they ultimately harm others and themselves.

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      Yes. Quite true.

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