directly visible Nibbana

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      This is a fragment of AN9.47

      • Again, friend, by completely surmounting the base of neither-perception-nor-non-perception, a bhikkhu enters and dwells in the cessation of perception and feeling, and having seen with wisdom, his taints ( i think it reads asava, siebe) are utterly destroyed. To this extent, friend, the Blessed One has spoken of directly visible nibbana in a non-provisional sense.” (from the translation of Bodhi).

      What one experiences during the jhana’s is in the same sutta said to be a directly visible Nibbana in a provisional sense (at least in the translation of Bodhi).

      What do you think is the mechanism that in nirodha samapatti, and having seen with wisdom, the asava’s are utterly destroyed? One will come out of that state because it can last max 7 days is said, but how is it possible that craving is totally destroyed? Is it due to what one sees at that moment? But is there any seeing or experiencing in nirodha samapatti?


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