Digham vā Rassam vā

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      The following question is from enRaiser:

      Question: How will you explain digham and rassam?

      I think you are referring to the verse: “..Digham vā assasantō digham assasāmi ti pajānāti, digham vā passasantō digham passasāmi ti pajānāti,.” in the Ānāpānassati Sutta.

      That is explained briefly in the post, “7. What is Ānāpāna?
      – See #9 there.

      One needs to understand that assāsa and passāsa do not mean inhaling and exhaling in the Ānāpānassati Sutta.
      – In the next post I will be explaining that in more detail. Please wait until you read that post to ask more questions on this issue.

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