Dharma is mundane, not sacred

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      In a lecture a Bhikkhu (in Brazil) said the following:
      Dharma is mundane, not sacred…

      Is that true???

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      Of course not.

      But the question is: Why would anyone take such a claim seriously?

      It is like making a statement like the following: 1 plus 1 is not 2.
      – Would anyone seriously discuss such a claim?

      Of course, people who do not know enough about Buddha Dhamma could make such statements.

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      y not

      We must be careful here not to judge too easily. True, on the face of it such a claim sounds outrageous.

      But: did this bhikku say this in his native language? (Brazilian Portuguese). Are the words ‘mundane’ and ‘sacred’ fair equivalents to the words he used?

      The Buddha said that Buddhadhamma is like a raft, to be used for the attainment of the goal and then discarded. “So, even Buddha Dhamma is of value only until one reaches Nibbāna” (Post: difference-between-dhamma-and-sankhara revised 11 Jan 2020). It is therefore certainly NOT Nibbana, which alone is asankata,(‘sacred’) and, in the strictest sense, alone not ‘of this world’ (‘mundane’).

      This COULD well be what the bhikkhu meant. I am not saying it is. I cannot tell. Lvalio is certainly in a better position for that.

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      Yes Y not, You’re right
      The person that listen to desana heard wrong… (incidentally, the audio of the video was very bad). To understand well you would have to listen several times. I saw the whole video with sound and subtitles, the subtitles generated automatically … (1 h and 13 minutes), they’re worse than audio. It is necessary to improve the Equipment to have a better sound quality, because the experience of Venerable Ajahn Mudito is enormous and he is very sincere and his lectures are rich in teaching…
      But he speaks Karma is mundane (not dharma is mundane).
      Dharma can be discovered by a Buddha. Not ordinary human beings. If it were mundane, everyone could understand it directly without even the buddha’s teaching…
      The Dhamma Is SACRED…
      This was my response to the post in Portuguese at the SBB Forum (Buddhist Society of Brazil)
      I have to apologize to all of you for trusting a line from an unknown person…

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      y not

      Apology accepted Lvalio, but it was hardly necessary. For this got me thinking about when I myself think that something said by someone else was wrong.

      I often listen to Dharmayai Obai sermons. The content accords with true Dhamma, there is no question. The English of the Bhikkhu is next to perfect (he comes from Sri Lanka, but was educated in the UK)… but he speaks fast, very fast. So it is that at some point in a discourse I say to myself: ‘ What? No, not so’. ‘But hang on, up to now, all the 6 or 8 sermons I have listened to accord with true Dhamma, so it is I who must have HEARD wrong’ Because it cannot be for one who is teaching true Dhamma to say something which is false Dhamma’ So I play back the video and reduce the audio speed until I hear what was said clearly.

      There are others discourses of other Bhikkhus online(as you will of course know) but I have found that most of them are CONSISTENTLY faulty on a number of major points of Dhamma.

      So, yes, as you say, we must be very careful what sources we trust.

      may you attain the Deathless.

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      Y Not said: “I often listen to Dharmayai Obai sermons”
      Please give me the link to taht Sermns?

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      Greetings! Lvalio,
      Below are the links to Dharmayai Obai Sermons (English)

      2019-09-22 Dharmayai Obai Sermons (English)

      Dharmayai Obai Sermons – English (From 2017-07-30) till Now

      With mettā, SengKiat

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      y not


      Thank you.

      may you attain the Deathless

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      Thank you very Much SengKiat!
      May the blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma and Samgha be with you always!

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