Dhammā and Jāti

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      Can dhamma arise/come into being without jati?

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      I believe you mean “dhammā” here.

      • Dhammās are “kammic energies” created by our minds. They arise in a special type of citta: javana citta.
      • There must be a living being with a mind to generate any type of citta, especially javana citta.
      • Therefore, a living being must have arisen via jāti to generate dhammā.

      Dhammās or “kammic energies” are created at the “upādāna paccayā bhava” step in Paticca Samuppāda.

      • They can lead to new “jāti” via the uppatti Paticca Samuppāda.
      • That is how the rebirth process (samsāra) continues.


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