Craving Weighs !

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      From a Goenka’s book:

      ‘My teacher [Sayāgyi U Ba Khin] had his own ways of examining whether a student was developing in Dhamma … At the end of [a] course he told me to go to Shwedagon Pagoda before returning home … I was to enter by a particular stairway, go to a place where there is a particular statue, and bow before that statue before returning home … As I bowed down, I found I couldn’t raise my head. It was as if melted lead had been poured down my spinal cord. I had such a heavy and painful feeling, and that sensation lasted twenty-four hours.
      … [My teacher explained:] “I sent you there to see what you would feel. People go to that particular place only to crave … What vibrations are there in that area? Only craving”’ (Goenka 2007: 51–52).

      The weight of the great mass/mess of craving makes us bend and stick to the wormy earth…

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