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      Something came to my mind regarding the Copenhagen interpretation and the famous Schrödinger’s cat experiment.

      I read something like one cannot be dead certain of the state of quantum particles prior to measurements being made. Some people even say you cannot be sure of the last known state of your bedroom once you have stepped outside until you have returned to take a look!

      Say, a person A is the last sentient being in the universe yet to attain Parinibbana. Does it mean if he were to look away from the moon, he cannot be certain that the moon is still at his last known position until he turns back his head to face the moon again?

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      Yes. There are all these weird speculations.

      They all arise because people are trying to extrapolate some “unusual characteristics” of very small particles (quantum particles) to “large particles” that we are familiar with.

      For example, when one shoots quantum particles like electrons through a “double-slit”, the electrons going through those slits fall on “unexpected positions” on a screen placed beyond the double-slit. See, #7 of “The Double Slit Experiment – Correlation between Mind and Matter?
      – However, if you make a large double-slit for tennis balls and shoot tennis balls, they will NOT make such a weird pattern.

      The scenarios that you describe are the same. Such phenomena have been OBSERVED only in the microscopic realm, i.e., for quantum particles like electrons and photons and in a few cases to small molecules.
      – But people try to extrapolate such observations to the macroscopic realm (i.e., objects like tennis balls, cats, the Moon, and humans.

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