Constructs of the Pali words “Uddhacca” and “kukkucca” ?

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      What are the constructs (concatenations) of the Pali words “uddhaca” and “kukkucca” separately?
      for example: Uddhacca= uddha + accha/acca/hacca, customarily translated at “restelessness.” But, I have a feeling there is more to this Pali phrase than mere “restlessness.” What Pali words derive the concept of “restlessness?”

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      “Uddhacca” is “high-mindedness” (high regard for oneself) which can be at various levels and completely removed only at the Arahant stage.
      “Kukkucca” is the tendency to do lowly things such as mistreating others. It goes away probably at the Sotapanna stage.
      – Those are two separate cetasika: “Cetasika (Mental Factors)

      When they appear together, “uddhacca kukkucca” is one of the five nivarana that “covers a mind” and prevents “seeing the true nature of the world.” Here, one tends to do “lowly things” based on high-mindedness, power, etc.

      Yes. It is possible that they may have roots in “acca“. I need to think about that.

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      Lal, wrote that,

      “uddhacca kukkucca” is one of the five nivarana that “covers a mind” and prevents “seeing the true nature of the world.”

      This is worth pondering over.

      I know this was not asked, but, I realised this recently and I think this observation will be useful for everyone.

      I used to have cycles of high mindedness and low mindedness which prevented me from realising the dhamma for long time.

      Why? you would think.

      It is because let’s say that one has,

      Low mindedness → one feels lowly/meek → so one think that world is not actually Bad place it is only one’s bad birth/fate/luck etc. Which is responsible for one’s suffering. So, world is actually niccā according to one.

      High mindedness → one thinks one is special in some way → consequently one think it is only the *OTHER* worldly people who will suffer various suffering. One is somehow immune from suffering of the world, which means for the individual with high mindedness, world is niccā. Because one won’t suffer in it due to one’s inherent specialness.


      In conclusion,

      Those with low mindedness, should ponder over the sufferings of even rich kings, actors or any powerful individual. Are they immune from suffering caused by old age, death, illness, or meeting unliked or not meeting liked?

      Those with high mindedness, should ponder over the suffering that was faced by even supremely enlightened mighty samma Sam buddha. Buddha received verbal curse, he was wrongly blamed, he suffered physical ailments, people tried to kill him, despite all the perfections he cultivated in unfathomable long countless eons. Do you think you won’t suffer?

      So, this both are wrong views, they are extreme views.

      No one is truly meek forever.
      (Poor person might become rich in next birth for example.)

      No one is truly great forever.
      (Highest Brahma can be born as monkey.)

      It is all causality at the heart of Buddhism.

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      I have revised the post “Key to Calming the Mind – The Five Hindrances” to take into account the suggestion by Dipo in the first comment on this thread. Thanks, Dipo!
      – I have made a few more revisions to the post too.

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