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      Bonjour Lal,
      In your post link #31644, you ask for a specific reference ; in the Kakacupama Sutta (MN 21), there is that humorous parable of the man who comes along and tries to dig at the earth and spit on the earth and urinate on the earth, saying, ”Be without earth, be without earth ”. But of course the man is never going to succeed in making the earth be without earth, because earth is so large. So, I think that is an humorous story of Buddha. Merci, Grenier

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      It is not a humorous story, Grenier.
      – If you think it is humorous, that is fine too.

      The Buddha was just providing an analogy, and it is a small part of the whole sutta. It is about a serious matter.

      Those who want to look into it, I would recommend the following translation:
      Discourse on the Parable of the Saw

      By the way, please don’t open too many new topics. You could have replied to my post in the previous thread.

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