Bhante Sujato provides evident of the process of rebirth

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      Here is the video:

      Another voice that talked about this problem. In this video (excerpted from a long desana about Early Buddhism of him in 2015), although Bhante Sujato didn’t specifically mention about “Gandhabba” but he was provided passages from various early suttas and NDE/OBE accounts or other various sources that clearly hint about a process or a journey involves in the rebirth of human, not an immediately transition. He also pointed out (at 15:57) that the idea that conception takes place at the exact moment of death is hard to believe. Later, he pointed out that the OBE’s form (Gandhabba?) must have pancakkhandha in order to perceive world and have feelings, etc…

      About Bhante Sujato himself for who don’t know, he was re-translated whole Sutta Piṭaka and put it in, he also provide parallel Pali in his translations. Although there are some issues here and there, some words that are not suppose to be translated, but his translations are overall of good quality, and I’m very much loved his effort to bring Buddha Dhamma to everyone.

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