Best Course on Abhidhamma (Anatomy of Mind) by Bhante Rahula & Caranapali

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      Over the years, I have read many books and went through courses on ABhidhamma on youtube. But I found it very difficult to understand and there was lot of confusion. Some teachers though have great knowledge, might not be very skillful in teaching. Teaching itself is a separate skill and has nothing to do with how much experienced or knowledgeable the person is. This course by Bhante Rahula and Anagarika Caranapli is one of the best courses which even a school kid can understand in few hours without the confusion. Best part about the course is, once you complete it the Suttas will become clear to understand. Request all of you to go through this course and share it with your network so we can spread this beautiful course on Dhamma.

      You can check out the course on their youtube channel

      Abhidhamma – Anatomy of the Mind

      Abhidhamma Course Playlist

      or you can visit their website

      Thanks to all, hope all of you benefit from this course.

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      Thank you!

      Yes. This seems to be good. I listened to bits and pieces to make sure.

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