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      Hello, Lal.
      I’m one of the lay dhamma followers in South Korea.
      First of all, I appreciate all your preaching from your lovingkindness.

      Although I’m new to Puredhamma net, I’ve checked many posts on the Puredhamma site in Korean translation since last year. I appreciate all efforts of Hojanyun, Translator of Puredhamma net.

      Recently, My belief changed stronger than ever, and that belief is Preaching from the PD net is True Buddha Dhamma, and Waharaka Thero was actual Jati-Sotāpanna. (Before that, I had tiny doubts even though I strongly believed in preaching concepts from Pure Dhamma.)

      That change came from the sudden comprehension of Samma-ditthi / San in Samma- / Removal of San.
      I could feel the wide connection with all the Dhamma concepts I’ve learned from Puredhamma through the keyword ‘San’.

      That experience occurred a day after a phone call with a PD companion in Korea, and I felt That the concept of San is one of the most important Key points to recognizing the Buddha Dhamma / separating from other religions.

      Now I can say ‘San and the removal of (Three)San’ is the essence of Buddha’s teaching in front of you confidently.

      Of course, I already knew the two concepts above long ago, and I also know the concepts above are such a common knowledge, so someone would think, ‘You’re just talking about the thing everyone knows’.

      But I never felt the concept of San touching my heart until this time.
      That made me sense again that ‘Vipassana meditation in Theravada tradition’ is a useless process for attaining Nibbana.
      (not helpful for removal Three San / San can be removed through Samma-ditthi with understanding Tilakkhana only)

      As you see, I’m not good at English, but I wanted to thank you and share my small experience.
      If my expression makes you feel discomfort/misunderstanding, please consider my position. My native language is not English, but I’ll improve my English by reading more English posts, especially in the forums.

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      Welcome to the forum, Samma Ditthi!

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes. Hojanyun is doing a great job on the Korean website.

      I am also glad that some of you are participating in both forums. All of you can express your thoughts clearly. So, no worries about English.
      It is good that you have grasped the true meanings of “sankhara,” samsara,” “samphassa,” etc., by comprehending “san.”

      Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and comment on the posts by others. That will help your English as well as Dhamma knowledge.

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        Thanks for replying, Lal! I hope this post will be my cornerstone for participating PD net forum.

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