Bad Gathi Beware!


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      Seems like this is a case of a being who had an insatiable craving for sex, cultivated such a gathi to ‘perfection’ and as a result, gets reborn as such a being to mate themselves to death.

      The more ignorant we are, the more san we accumulate. The more san we accumulate, the more ignorant we become. The more ignorant we become, the more we wheel around. The more we wheel around, the more ignorant we are.

      Too much sex puts Australia marsupials on endangered list

      “discovered in 2013 and found in wetter, higher-altitude regions of Queensland state — are known for suicidal mating habits that include up to 14-hour sex sessions.”

      “They have so much sex while also trying to hang on to female mates and fighting off rivals that they produce excessive levels of testosterone.”

      “I’ve seen them stumbling around during the day — they are nocturnal mostly — still looking for mates, bleeding from various parts of their body and their hair has fallen out.”

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      The ‘reward’ for players and PUAs. ;)

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