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      As the Buddha taught in the Agganna Sutta (“Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27)“), human history did not begin a mere 500,000 years ago.
      – There have been four Buddhas on this Earth, separated by millions of years.
      – Thus, it is logical to assume that there have been civilizations that peaked at even higher levels than ours. They can be destroyed by worldwide cataclysms such as a comet impact (we know of one that happened 60 million years ago).

      Evidence is emerging about “lost civilizations.” The following is just one of many in recent years (December 11, 2022 I have replaced the old video with a new one just published):

      A word of caution:
      Please don’t spend too much time on these issues. One can spend hours going through such evidence. While it is good to be aware of these studies, it is not wise to waste time watching too many.

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      Another related video is below. Is there a coverup? There is a Buddha statue too!

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      I am compiling evidence (as they come in) for the existence of ancient, highly spiritual, and technologically advanced civilizations. 

      The reason is that it is inevitable that they existed, according to the Tipitaka. The “Mahāpadāna Sutta (DN 14)” provides a detailed description of the existence of three Buddhas before Buddha Gotama in this maha kappa (meaning this Earth) that was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

      • P.S. The current eon (maha kappa) is known as a “bhaddakappa” (or a fortunate eon) because it will have five Buddhas born before its end. There can be many maha kappas without a single Buddha. As the above sutta states, there were 30 maha kappas before the current one without a single Buddha. There were two Buddhas in the 31 eons before the current one.

      Civilizations can end with mass extinctions due to several possible cataclysmic events, such as a comet impact or an enormous earthquake.

      • The acquired knowledge and technology can be completely wiped out due to such an event. 
      • It is not easy to find or verify the existence of such ancient civilizations because of the unimaginable period of even several million years, let alone over four billion years.
      • However, there is already enough evidence to see that the currently accepted timeline of human evolution is wrong, which says agriculture was invented only 12,000 years ago: “The Development of Agriculture.”
      • That is incorrect since it has now been verified (with carbon dating) that advanced structures were built before that timeline; for example, “Gobekli Tepe: Facts, Discovery, and Location.” The videos posted in my earlier posts above provide more information.
      • More evidence will hopefully emerge. The main problem is that metals, when submerged in the Earth, decay and do not last even a million years. So, if a human civilization built rockets many millions ago, there will be no trace of that left. But the evidence for advanced ancient civilizations may appear unexpectedly as our technologies improve and may lead to evidence from yet unimagined ways.  
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      Before coming across the Buddha dhamma, these kinds of subjects are things that I have looked into. For me, I don’t really need or be given much evidence to believe or be open to the idea that there are past technologically advance and ancient civilizations.  

      I hope the following videos which I just looked up today will help on your endeavor Venerable Sir. 


      Forbidden Archeology with Michael Cremo

      The second link to the video is a must watch. I only watched 10 minutes of it but it was enough for me. Even for me, it was an eye opener and mentioned things that I didn’t know about and this was only from watching 10 minutes of the video. 


      Once again I only watched about 10 minutes of the video, but it was kinda interesting that the scientist was actually trying more to validate some of the teachings in the sutta’s on past civilizations than the Buddhist monk. Or that’s what I believe anyways from the 10 minutes that I watched. 



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      I ended up deciding to and just finished watching the Forbidden Archeology with Michael Cremo. All I got to say is “wow”. 

      For anyone that come across this post, rather one is interested in the topic or not, I highly recommend that one check out the video. Definitely not a waste of one’s 43 minutes of time. 

      Lal mentioned:

      “More evidence will hopefully emerge. The main problem is that metals, when submerged in the Earth, decay and do not last even a million years. So, if a human civilization built rockets many millions ago, there will be no trace of that left. “

      16:45 – 18:20 of the video. 

      If what he says is true, there’s some evidence. 

      I just did a quick search and found a lecture by Michael Cremo that exhibits visuals as well. 

      Michael Cremo: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity FULL LECTURE

      I don’t think I’ll be watching this one though since it’s not really necessary for me to see any further evidence. My mind was already opened to such possibilities before even coming across the Buddha dhamma. The first video was already enough for me. 


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      Here is another evidence that highly-advanced machining techniques existed over 5000 years ago. There is no way to carbon-date these granite specimens. They COULD BE hundreds of thousands of years old.


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      You must see the following YouTube video “Bicycle Carved 2000 Years Ago – Advanced Ancient Technology Proved?”.

      • As the author says, the modern bicycle was invented in the 1800s.


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      Tobi-Wan Kenobi

      Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix Trailer YouTube

      What if everything we know about prehistoric humans is wrong? Journalist Graham Hancock visits archaeological sites around the world to find out if thousands of years ago a civilization far more advanced than we ever thought possible existed. This season can be found on Netflix under the name Ancient Apocalypse.

      Season 1: has 10 episodes / The season is worth seeing.

      Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix

      There is also some by Graham Hancock on Youtube but the quality is top on Netflix.

      LG Tobi

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      Thank you, Tobi!

      Yes. I also heard about the Netflix series and it seems popular. There are also various YouTube videos on discussion with Graham Hancock about this issue. He has written several books on the subject too.


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      The following is a documentary on the high-precision Barbar caves in India, an engineering marvel. How was such precision attained thousands of years ago?

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