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      Cetasika (Mental Factors)

      Saññā and vēdanā appear as two of the khandhas in pañcakkhandha.
      Cētanā determines kamma by incorporating relevant cetasika according to the mindset. Cētanā is the cetasika that “puts together a citta” by automatically incorporating other relevant cetasika according to one’s “gati.”
      Ekaggata is the salient factor in Samādhi.
      Consciousness cannot arise without phassa. Note that samphassa differs from phassa; see “Difference between Phassa and Samphassa.”
      Jivitindriya maintains life.
      Manasikāra can be either yoniso manasikāra (important in attaining the Sōtapanna stage), and ayoniso manasikāra can lead to the accumulation of akusala kamma.

      A sentient being in asanna realm has hadaya vatthu, but no citta arises.

      But what maintains life is jivitindriya cetasika.

      How a sentient being in asanna realm can maintain life?

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      That’s a good question. I looked around and what I could find was that there are both jivitindriya rūpa AND jivitindriya cetasika. Kammic energy sustains both of them. So, I assume then that an asañña being has the rupa part but not the cetasika part. 
      Lal would be able to clarify.

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      Jorg is correct.

      There is a jivitindriya rūpa AND jivitindriya cetasika.

      • All living beings have the jivitindriya rūpa.
      • However,  jivitindriya cetasika rises only with a citta. 
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