Article :What are Rūpa? – Dhammā are Rūpā too!

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      Viññāṇa Dhātu has no spatial boundaries

      13. So, these dhammā (or kamma bīja) are rūpa that are below the suddhāṭṭhaka stage and are in our “mano loka” or “mental world,” as opposed to dense rūpa that are in our “material world” or “rūpa loka.”


      Sir, is it correct to say that the arupas Brahmas are composed of rupa below the suddhāṭṭhaka stage?? We often tend to say that they only have 4 aggregates.

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      An arupa Brahma has a hadaya vatthu made of a suddhāṭṭhaka.

      • Arupa loka means there are no other rupa made of suddhāṭṭhaka.
      • However, ANY living entity has to have a “hadaya vatthu,” which is the  “seat of the mind.”
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        Thank you for the response, Sir 🙏🏿

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