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      Hello everyone 

      I was reading about Arahant Losaka a bhikkhu who had some sort of curse. This curse was linked to a bad kamma vipaka during his past life. Arahant Lokasa never had enough to eat during his life. His bad kamma was even enough strong to affect the other. For example, when he was in the womb of his mother, his village was struck by hunger and ravaged. His mother raised him, and when he was enough old to be a beggar, she kicked him out. Arahant Sariputta found him one day. He offered him to ordain, and he gladly accepted. He becomes arahant later. Even when he becomes arahant, the curse continues. During his alms round the people never give him enough. He has this constant hunger. (I guess that never affected his peace of mind due to his status as arahant) Arahant Sariputta tried to help him many times without success. One day Arahant Sariputta decides to go to alms round alone and later comes to feed Arahant Losaka. While Arahant Sariputta held the bowl, he ate, and his hunger was satisfied. Soon afterward, Arahant Losaka entered parinibbãna. After that the Lord Buddha explained his story and why he had this bad luck with food.


      I retained this

      1. This is another evidence of the law of Kamma. Our actions can have consequences lasting billions of years. It depends on the victim. If we hurt an Ariya, especially an arahant, we will face dreadful consequences even if the action dates back several billion years.

      2. Even if we became Arahant, we can’t escape them except after parinibbãna.

      3. However, this should not prevent us from understanding the dhamma. Even if we have the worst luck in the world, we can become arahant and free forever from all types of suffering. This bad kamma vipaka did not prevent bhikkhu Losaka from becoming arahant. He put the right effort and he is now free forever.


      Here the links


      Losaka Tissa Thera

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      Thank you, Gad.

      Another Tipitaka reference: “Losaka Jātaka

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        Thank you for the other Link Sir Lal 🙏🏿

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