Anussati and Anupassanā – Being Mindful and Removing Defilements

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      This is to discuss the post, “Anussati and Anupassanā – Being Mindful and Removing Defilements“.

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      Quite pertinent as always, thanks.

      “Maranānussati as reciting “jeevitam aniyatan, marana niyatam” or “this life is impermanent, death is a certainty”. While the statement is true, that recitation by itself cannot do much to remove defilements and to purify the mind.”

      Recently during a formal session i experimented on contemplating on Anicca, related to an entire journey,dreams while sleeping included.

      I.e. your basic definition of Anicca together with “rise & fall”,etc.
      was patent not only in the long run but also in the short run; i
      contemplated on my own physiological state,mindstream ,environment, weather and other people’s demeanour.

      Found it enormously instructive.

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