Anussati and Anupassanā – Being Mindful and Removing Defilements

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      Tobias G

      In this post the word anusati (anu + sati) is written as anussati with a double s in the middle. Is that right?

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      Yes, Tobias.

      This is a common occurrence in Pali sandhi (combining words).

      For example, Dhammacakka Pavattana are combined to yield Dhammacakkappavattana.
      – Pancakkhandha is the combination of panca with khandha with an additional k in tying up the two words.

      P.S. Sometimes a letter is removed in the process of combining words.
      – For example, in Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta there is a key verse: “yampicaam nalabhati tampi dukkham“.
      – Here “yam pi iccam” combimed to yield “yampiccam” and an “i” was dropped.

      It is easier to pronounce that way.

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