Another “Elephant in the Room” – Life Is Not Suffering

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      I came across the following post by a prominent bhikkhu:
      7 Things the Buddha Never Said

      Number 1 on his list is: (Buddha Never said) “Life is suffering.”

      It is really sad to see such ideas that totally distort Buddha’s key teaching about suffering in the rebirth process.

      The above “booklet” is mentioned in a discussion on “Is life suffering?” at a discussion forum.
      – It is sad (AND scary too) to see the level of ignorance in these forums!

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      It is delighting to see that you truly have scientific inclination Lal. Despite knowing so much and having so much knowledge and insights and having helped all of us, you are still truly open to testing what you know.

      I recently saw your various replies at dhammawheel waharaka thero thread.

      People have tried to spill so much mud on you. Going so far as to make website to defame you. Truly sad to see it.

      I think you did well by stopping your replies and posts there.

      People questioning all short of fundamentals of what buddha taught. (Which was purely empirical deduction of powerful senses of buddha.)

      People not even being open to wider worldview.

      As for me I cannot ever put any value on what you are doing for all of us, who are learning buddha dhamma only thanks to you.

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      Yes. It is puzzling to me why these “bhikkhus” wear yellow robes.
      – I wonder what their goal as a bhikkhu is. Many of them don’t truly believe in rebirth. That means they have miccha ditthi, i.e., they are not even on the mundane path!

      I am more sympathetic toward average people. Many of them are confused; they can see the truth of what I write. But they don’t understand why so many “bhikkhus” and their blind supporters are opposed to what I write.
      – But the truth will prevail.

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      Bhikkhu have/are becoming just like anicient yogis or monks before buddha, they know the drawbacks of sensual pleasures, yet, they attempt wrong escape from this sensual pleasures. They try to escape from it via cultivation of meditation, while it can not provide right escape from suffering.

      They can’t get rid of sensual pleasures because they can’t see the tilakkhana. So, they think they have SUPPRESS something they like and which is fruitful. Obviously it is struggle.

      One only struggles to give up what is valuable. One wouldn’t struggle to give up worthless.

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