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      What’s interesting to me is that in the last 2 months or so, whenever I tried to contemplate or think of anicca, my mind usually went blank or not get far into the contemplation of anicca. Throughout these years, I have learned of the many different interpretations and meanings of anicca. In the back of my mind, I know of them but when I tried to use them in the last 2 months. I don’t really know how to describe this or put into words but felt like I didn’t get the same feeling or potency. The problem probably lied with me.

      Even before this situation, some months back I felt and told myself that I needed to come up with my own explanation or interpretation of what anicca is to me. After many months of struggling and contemplating what anicca means for my own understanding. Today, waking up in the middle of the night, I was able to finally to come up with the explanation and most importantly putting it into words. This explanation is not meant to say others interpretation of anicca is wrong or this explanation is better. But it’s more suitable for me where I am at with my pratice today and this explanation is by no means complete (might add to it as time goes on) or do the full justice to the teaching of anicca, but thought I would share it for others exposure, be of use and most importantly for feedback. 


      What we desire or wish for to be or happen from this world is not in accordance as per one wish or liking because it’s based on P.S. The all “sabbe” that living beings like, desire for, dear to them and wish from this world which no living being have no full complete control over them are subject to decay and destruction and that can unexpectedly change into or will eventually lead to soka-parideva-dukkha-domanass-upayasa or unfulfillment, undesirable, unwelcomed, unpleasant, vexatious (aditta from Fire sermon) states or outcome (viparanamadhamma), basically suffering (dukkha).

      Attachment to something of anicca nature with the 3 unwholesome roots induces one to engage in immoral deeds leading one on a downward path to their demise (anicca khayatthena) towards the apaya’s. It’s dangerous and is something one should be fearful of (dukkha bhayatthena). It’s meaningless, useless, none beneficial, unprofitable (anatta asarakatthenati). 

      Whats interesting to me is that I could take this explanation of anicca and use the first 2 noble truths to supplement / complement it. That would take additional writing and maybe at later time, I might do so. I just typed all this on my cell phone. 

      I wish everyone all the best on their path and may we all living beings attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana. 

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      Thank you for this explanation TGS🙏🏿

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