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      Current Thoughts on Anicca Sanna.

      There are 2 points id like to make about my current comprehension of anicca sanna.


      1. One key to comprehending anicca seems to be in the FACT that ALL RUPA is anicca. This means to having RUPA SANNA could lead to more Anicca Sanna.

      2. In accordance with #1, when we realize 1. that our own internal “Rupa-translations” are essentially what is being experienced as a continual stream of consciousness and that most cravings are essentially triggered by “rupa-memories”…
      Or in otherwise when we realize that our cravings, in real time, are a kind of real subtle energy… we can directly apply #1 and start meditating on anicca then and there.


      1. The buddha was talking to the 5 ascetics. I find that researching the context of events leads to knowledge as well. During the Buddha’s time there was a group called the jains who list their own “Buddhas” called “tirthankaras”. Researching their teachings was highly beneficial to me. Those ascetics were not just some random yogis. They were following what would have been a kind of warped Path of ancient Jain “naked ascetic” teachings on finding the nature of reality and likely would have cultivated a variety of wisdom about the nature of reality already though obviously with some wrong views.

      2. The Buddha was giving the second teaching to them and said, “Taṃ kiṃ maññatha, bhikkhave, rūpaṃ niccaṃ vā aniccaṃ vā”ti?”
      (Lal’s translation:) “Bhikkhus: can any rūpa (material entity) be kept to one’s satisfaction or it cannot be kept to one’s satisfaction?”

      Even THIS question is so much more profound than our mundane perception allows!!! In my view, they did not onlybhave an intellectual understanding of “Rupa”, they had a DEEP SANNA about rupa FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE. In other words, Gnosis.

      In, Lal says(emphasis mine) “Here it is to be noted that “rūpa” can be either internal or external..But neither can be kept to “our satisfaction” since we will have to give them up when we die.”

      If one comprehends Rupa, with a working conceptual understanding of anicca, they will see “having to give up” Rupa is just touching the surface.


      In the above link, everything that can be meditated upon in a daily sati or Kāyānupassanā bhavana is laid out in table form. Most people would not even go past the first 2 to 4 categories due to mental obscurations but this may not even matter.

      From that link we clearly see that the 5 pasada Rupa, WHICH RESIDE IN THE AURIC BODY, and their associated perceived items(smell, etc) are Rupa. Meaning all these senses are “things”.

      Every craving we experience naturally has a Rupa-kkanda that triggers it…
      (Rupa-kkanda: )
      …In the chain of the mental triggering process.
      Thus meditating on Anicca Sanna in real time simply acknowledges that all those cravings are (real-time) real thought energy that our mind is actually perceiving as ICCA right then and there.

      We often give complicate ideas to emotions and urges, and even have various beliefs about our thoughts but this makes it very clear and simple. We crave MEMORIES, and those memories(cravings) are real energetic “things” in our mind.

      In other words, in awareness, we can both “know” that 1. “this craving is a real energy(Rupa) in my mind” and 2. This energy (Rupa) IS ANICCA

      Anicca: a tiny hidden clue in girimananda.

      In Girimananda Sutta, Buddha says
      “Idhānanda (Idha Ananda) bhikkhu sabba­saṅ­khā­resu aṭṭīyati harāyati jigucchati.”
      “Ananda, all sankhāra are like meatless bones, without substance, to be rejected like urine and feces”

      Attiyati is kind of like a worry, but combined with the urine and feces reference makes this NOT mundane. Buddha was talking about the feeling of NEEDING TO GO PEE OR POO. it’s automatic, the body rejects these things because they are processed and ready to be released. WE DO NOT HATE OUR FECES OR URINE. I understand there was is a widely accepted use of the idea of “disgust” in practice but I personally believe this was not the true intended “feeling” Buddha wanted people to feel!!! In fact I would argue that “eject” is a better word than “reject” here.

      The fact is ALL RUPA, especially the thought-energy that triggers cravings and the objects of cravings NEED TO BE EJECTED LIKE WASTE BECAUSE THEY ARE OF THE PAST. Like waste, they have already been processed, and if kept they lead to suffering (like kidney disease or bowel pain, even death) and ultimately keeping waste is useless!

      We have what Tibetan Buddha-san(ism) calls “cognitive and perceptual obscurations”. Like seeing a white page with red sunglasses. If one forgets the page is white and keeps the sunglasses on their cognition AND perception will both be warped or “invalid”(defiled).

      Due to this Anicca Sanna and karmic seeds that have continued the habit of anicca Sanna, the Rupa (memories) that arises in our mind is seen as ICCA.

      We can see these cravings for what they are if we simply recognize our own ICCA perception and meditate on the anicca nature. With practice we can reduce our tendency to perceive anicca as icca and from there actually come to know icca, to know what is worth pursuing for ultimate happiness(a worthy happiness).

      Recognizing ICCA in real-time:
      Though not the same, greed will naturally arise in the mind perceiving icca where there is anicca. Thus greed is the real-time indicator in our life. When we are craving something we can analyze our own perception with the anicca nature in mind. There will be “something”(citta) that sees those objects as “worthy”. Thats the best word i have to describe it. Like the feeling of attraction to the opposite sex(images, sounds, etc) or food, etc. The urge to accumulate and grasp(greed) will be accompanied by this perception and once we “take hold of it” anicca sanna can begin to grow.

      I havent mentioned the cycling process or the wider consequences because this post is about my realizations in daily mundane life. However “meditation om Anicca nature in real time” naturally includes compassionate practice such as pondering on all the suffering of sentient beings. Hell beings experience their blood outside their body they are so attached. Pretas have disfigured sense organs and extreme anxiety unknown to most humans. Animals’ ignorance promotes suffering cycles with no recourse. Demons in the subplanes suffer so much self-hatred and jealousy. Ghosts cannot eat yet crave food and constantly wander. Humans suffer from birth to death with all pervasive anxiety that they do everything to ignore or run away from. Lower heaven devas suffer from constant “work”, quarrels and irritation. Higher and Lower Realms devas experience the extreme suffering of unexpected end of existence due to their pride or foolishness. One can see all this suffering in the tiniest craving for sexual or sensual content. Not in the object itself(which is neutral), but in the icca perception(which all phenomena is “empty” of)!!!

      May reading this inspire daily practice for ultimate happiness. Om namo buddhaya

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      Thank you, lodonyo.

      You seem to have been working hard to understand the concepts. I hope it will inspire others too.

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      Thank you Lal!
      I´m very happy. Problem solved. Now I can put my text by myself!
      May all of you attain Nibbana in this very Life!
      Thank you al very much!

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      Thank you lodonyo. _()_

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