Android app for reading Tipitaka with English and Pāli together.

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      There is one android app I was recently happy to hear about where you can read English and Pāli side by side. Easily switching between the versions, that is.

      It’s called “Theravada Buddhist Texts”. It has the Pāli texts of the Suttas together with one version of the English translations. (Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi) This is the description of the app:

      “This app is meant to allow the user to read Pali Buddhist texts with side-by-side English translations, including the four main Nikāyas and the Dhp and Jataka commentaries as well as the Visuddhimagga.”

      It’s available for Android:

      Note that you have to download the zip archive linked in the app store description, extract it and define the location correctly in the app for the app to find the material.

      For me the location after downloading to default download folder and extracting ended up to be this:


      I suppose it could be be possible to use other translations with this app if organized in the same way as the archive for these translations was.

      Theruwan Saranai

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