AN 6.63 Penetrative

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      A nice sutta, i find.

      It teaches about the asava’s the following:

      -“And what is the diversity of defilements (asava’s)? There are defilements that lead to rebirth in hell, the animal realm, the ghost realm, the human world, and the world of the gods. This is called the diversity of defilements”.

      I do not understand this. There are four asava’s
      -kama asava
      -ditthi asava
      -bhava asava
      -avijja asava

      are there particular asava’s which lead to hell, deva, and the other states?

      I will try (and i think Lal corrects me if i am wrong):

      *kama asava can lead to hell when very intense, i guess it can also lead to animal realm,
      maybe to all the realms of kama loka.

      *ditthi asava can lead to animal realm or hell (wrong views lead to one of those states the sutta’s teach)

      *bhava asava can lead to deva states, because of lust for jhana.

      * avijja asava can lead, maybe, to all states, even the deva states?

      I think the ghost or preta realm will be due to strong kama asava.

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      You are close, Sybe.

      *kama asava can lead to existence in kama realms (four apayas, human, and six deva realms).
      – When one does immoral actions to enjoy sensory pleasures, that lead to births in the apayas.
      – kama asava goes away at the Anagami stage.

      *bhava asava can lead to any existence. It is the desire to exist in a certain bhava or to attain a certain status. This goes away only at the Arahant stage.

      *ditthi asava arises due to various wrong views. One can be born in the apayas due to wrong views.
      – It goes away when one gets to Samma Ditthi, i.e., when one becomes a Sotapanna Anugami.

      * avijja asava is due to the ignorance of the Four Noble Truths (or Paticca Samuppada or Tilakkhana)
      – It is removed in stages and is completely removed only at the Arahant stage.

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