Am I Going to Hell?

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      dear lal
      i am a south korean who are reading korea version of pure dhamma. sorry for my blunt english
      after reading pure dhamma i felt pain. i wasn’t able to sleep
      properly because
      i have shared some korean translation of suttas which say impermanence, suffering not self on the internet
      with this act
      do i have no chance of acquiring magga phala? and after death i go to hell?

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      Hello, hoya,

      Are you saying the following?
      You had understood the Pali words anicca, dukkha, anatta to mean impermanence, suffering, and not-self (because that is how they have been explained for a long time).
      – And you are afraid that because of that incorrect understanding you may be born in hell?

      The answer is no. You just need to understand the correct meanings of those words.
      – The Korean version of the Pure Dhamma website that you mentioned probably explains the correct meanings.

      Furthermore, you can ask your question there too. I understand that they have discussion group there too. If Patighosa Hojan wants to make sure about his answers, he will write to me.
      Pure Dhamma – Korean Website

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      i am sorry for the confusion
      before i read pure dhamma korea

      i have read incorrect korean version of suttas which published by koreans
      the korean incorrect translation says impermanence,suffering, no self
      and i share some of korean version on the internet
      with this sin. i can’t attain magga and phala .after death go to hell?

      sorry to bother you again

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      i was very agitated at the time of asking question and asked again. i feel ashamed and sorry for this. i should’ve asked pure dhamma korea first as you mentioned. now i have a good answer from pure dhamma korea. thank you very much lal

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      Don’t worry, hoya!

      I am glad to hear that you have cleared up the issue.

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      The following post is from oetb, addressed to hoya.


      What is Intention in Kamma?

      As said in the article, the intention is a key factor for kamma. Your intention was not a bad one, in fact, it was a good one. Then, I think you shouldn’t worry about it.

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      Good intention but wrong view is not going to cut it. They are not one and the same.

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