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      Yash RS

      #1 If hell is inside the earth then how do earthquakes occur ?
      Is this because of tectonic plates or the “things that are happening” in the hell?

      #2 Scientists say that the earth is not hollow, but if hell has to be there then it means that earth must be hollow according to me. So how do we explain this?

      #3 also, physicists say that if a ball is thrown through the centre of the earth it will perform Simple Harmonic Motion, so does hell also performs SHM(assuming it’s in the centre of the earth)?


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      #1. Earthquakes are because of the motion of the tectonic plates.

      #2 and #3. Scientists know nothing about the Earth’s structure below a certain depth. Everything else is just speculation (but based on current theories).

      We tend to give too much credence to “scientific theories.” They are theories, not necessarily facts.
      – For example, Newton’s theory of gravitation was supposed to be the truth at one time.
      – But now, it holds only under certain conditions, and Einstein’s general theory of relativity is supposed to hold on a large scale.

      See “Dhamma and Science – Introduction

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