A Turkish Catholic’s Journey for Buddhism

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      Hello People!

      I’m a Catholic who lives in Turkey. I’m interested in Buddhism recently and I don’t know why. Things happened like without any consciousness. I wonder if there is something called divine plan…

      Anyway, I’m still in the between. I’m like “well Buddha has some truth, Jesus has some truth.” so I can not take further steps between them.

      So, I came to a conclusion. If reincarnation exist Buddha is the right path. If it is not, then Jesus is the right way.

      However I can not find any proof for reincarnation. I can not find any disproof too. That’s why I’m still in the middle. Can you help me for this?

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      In Buddhism, it is rebirth, not reincarnation. There is a difference but it is not critical for someone starting to learn Buddhism.

      Things of this type cannot have absolute “proof” but there is evidence to support rebirth:
      Evidence for Rebirth

      Regarding my comment above, see, “What Reincarnates? – Concept of a Lifestream

      Please feel free to ask questions on any of these posts. It would be easier if you refer to the post particular bullet number in question (unless it is a general question).

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